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Tamisha Harris, an experienced national news producer,  has the power to say “Yes!” to pitches, and she's ready to guide you to your YES. Get ready to be on TV.

Self-Guided Course

Tamisha Harris is a seasoned pro who has worked for networks including CNN, ABC, CBS, and BET (to name a few!).  She knows all the elements of a perfect pitch.

Here's What You'll Learn:

1.  How to identify the perfect media outlet for your pitch

2.  Write a pitch that makes Producers respond

3.  The 4 secret types of pitches

4.  How to build relationships with Producers

5.  What actions are included in the Pre-air checklist

You also will have access to resources including a glossary of media terms, a list of reputable news sources, and a template that you can use for all your perfect pitches.

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Elite Consulting Package

When you need more than an online course to meet your media exposure goals, the Pitcher Perfect Elite Coaching Program is perfect for you.  

This 60-day consultative experience is a definite enhancement to your media strategy.  During this program, you will work one-on-one with media expert, national news network producer, and course creator, Tamisha Harris, to refine your pitch strategy.

What to Expect: 

1. A 90-minute Guided Walkthrough of the Pitcher Perfect Online Course Modules 

2.  Access to the Pitcher Perfect Online Course

3. Up to four (4) Pitch Consultations during which Tamisha will review your pitch and provide feedback.

4. A Pitch Calendar offering guidance on when producers are receptive to specific segment topics

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VIP Consulting Package

When you have BIG media goals, you need a strategic partner to help you elevate your brand.  If this sounds like you, then you need the 90-day VIP treatment.  

Tamisha Harris, media expert, national news network producer, and course creator will collaborate on your pitch strategies, connect you with local and national media producers, and review and refine your pitches during this program.

What to Expect:

1. A 90-minute Guided Walkthrough of the Pitcher Perfect Online Course Modules

2.  Access to the Pitcher Perfect Online Course

3. Concierge-Level Support to Identify Relevant Media Contacts

4.  Up to 12 1-on-1 Media Coaching Sessions

5.  Two (2) Mock / Practice Segments

6.  Social Media Presence Assessment and Recommended Vignettes

7.  One (1) Group Coaching Session

8.  A Pitch Calendar offering guidance on when producers are receptive to specific segment topics

9.  Bonus Public Speaking session with TV Personality Dana Blair (As seen on People, BET, ABC, HLN, and the Grammy Awards)

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You Deserve to be Seen.

What will local or national media exposure do for your brand, your book, and your story? You won't know until you get booked. And you won't get booked with a bad pitch.

"She knows her stuff. She taught me everything I know. I’m on TV multiple times a month. There’s an art to selling yourself to producers. And she has the key to it all!"

Dr. Barbara Joy Jones
Family Physician/TV Medical Expert

"Tamisha Harris delivers a master class in pitching the media! My team and I can't stop talking about the unbelievable value she delivers!"

Chris Winfield
Co-Founder & CEO of Super Connector Media

"The consultation was amazing! It was very informative and I feel a lot more confident and educated when it is time for me to reach out to the media. I love that you provide this information because a lot of people, including myself, are now aware of pertinent details when it comes to pitching and reaching out to media. I love the different worksheets and avenues you provided."

Jasmine Lewis
CEO, Vie Beauty

"It gave me an outline of the process to pitch, the key network contacts to pursue, the anatomy of a pitch, and touched on the impact social media has on bolstering your pitch opportunities. These are all things I had no knowledge of until enrolling in Pitcher Perfect. "

Natasha B.
Corporate Attorney

"The Pitcher Perfect course delivered exactly as promised. The information was professional, understandable, and exactly to the point. I appreciate that it kept my attention, it wasn't too long, and it didn't include fluff and numerous sales funnels. The course was worth the investment. There is a coaching session option, valuable resources, and Tamisha really wants participants to succeed. I felt like Tamisha was speaking directly to me, one on one."

Shamyra Howard
Licensed Therapist

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